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Castle Chansany, Volume 3

Castle Chansany, Volume 3

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Come make your bow to King Griffin and Queen Mellany; practice your cantrips with the Wizard Garstang; feast on all things sweet in the banqueting house, with the Court; and dance a minuet in the ballroom with Prince Armael, and the Lady Alvan.

Perhaps you’d rather be down in the kitchens, spinning subtleties out of sugar, and dreams; in the library with the books (though be careful—they’ve minds of their own); making mellow music with the jongleurs, and the bards; or swapping stories with Jessamine, the Court Dragon.

All this and more await you at the Castle, but you’d better make haste. The Court’s going out on Progress, and you don’t want to be late…


Castle Chansany returns with six magical tales of wayward wizardry, wild whimsicality, and rampant mischief! Includes the stories:

Rosewater and Wine

A Fit of the Sullens


Hurdy Gurdy

Petty Wizardry



Contains: dragons and dreams, scintillating spellcraft, boisterous books, and dashing devilry.

Don’t miss the previous stories of Jessamine the dragon, Garstang the Wizard, and all their colourful friends in volumes one and two!

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