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Cold Days at Castle Drax

Cold Days at Castle Drax

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Hellfire. Brimstone. Awkward family dinners.

No one in their right mind wants to live at Castle Drax.

That’s okay. The Vexx family aren’t.

On a crumbling cliff overlooking a dark, emerald sea looms the forbidding Castle Drax. It’s ancient, it’s freezing, it’s falling apart—and it’s home.

But hard times have come around, and the demonically dysfunctional Vexx family’s in dire straits. There’s nothing for it but to sell the castle and move on—if they can find a buyer.

And if, in their heart of hearts, they can really bear to leave…

Come pay a visit, if you’d like. Meet the sinister Count Vexx and his charming daughter, Lulu. Make pastries in the kitchen with Magwell, and buff up the motorcar with Stormdust. Ring the lugubrious doorbell, if you want to give everyone a fright (including yourself).

Just don’t, whatever you do, go down into the cellar…

That’s life at Castle Drax. It’s:

A fate worse than death.” – Count Vexx

I have seen worse. Much worse.” – Fane

It really isn’t all that bad, lovie. Not once you’ve got used to it.” – Magwell

Everything will be alright! Definitely!” – Luna Vexx

A glittering, Decopunk mosaic unfolds in sixteen tales of life, love, and curses, laced with Charlotte E. English’s trademark humour and quirky charm. Cosy and comforting, strange and wise, stylish and surprising; Castle Drax is a Hell of a time…

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