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Magic, mystery and adventure collide to explosive effect in this epic series from the author of Modern Magick and House of Werth.

Llandry Sanfaer, anxious and shy, lives a quiet life in the heart of the Daylands. But the chance discovery of a strange, compelling jewel changes her world — and her fate — forever. Much more than it seems, the jewel hides a powerful secret some would kill to possess.

Lady Evastany Glostrum has her life in pristine order. Prestigious, powerful and wealthy, she is on the verge of crowning her successes with the ideal marriage. But a spate of brutal murders shatters her perfect world. Among the victims is her closest friend – and she died with one of Llandry’s jewels upon her finger. 

As Eva races to unmask the culprit behind the deadly disorder, Llandry must learn the truth about her dangerous discovery – before she herself becomes a victim.

The truth may be far stranger even than she can imagine – and more deadly. For the irresistible power of the jewel is tied to secrets buried deep within her bloodline, and there is no escaping its pull.

As ancient legends come to life and mysteries begin to unravel before their eyes, Llandry and Evastany must rise up and face them head on. And when they do, they will change not only their own destiny, but the fate of an entire realm too.

For the greatest legend of all is coming back: the devastatingly powerful draykoni…

Contains: dazzling leading ladies, murder mysteries, fantastic beasts, animal companions, dragons!

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