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Hell and High Water

Hell and High Water

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Meet the baddest belles of London city.

They were known as the fatales, once.

Investigators and spies; killers and thieves; con artists and vigilantes they fought fire with fire, did what had to be done, to make things right.

Until the mission that broke them.

Many decades later, the fatales have scattered to the winds.

Fionn's the queen of London haute couture. Thetai's the star of the power metal scene. And Daix? Could be anything. Anywhere.

It'll take a lot to bring them back together.

When a model goes missing from a catwalk show, Fionn's frantic. The girl was a friend and a fellow selkie. And she won't be the last to vanish.

To catch the monster responsible, Fionn needs backup. It's time for the fatales to reunite, but can they get it together after eighty years apart?

And will it be enough to face down an old enemy straight out of their murky, half-forgotten past?

Three fabulous fae banter and brawl their way through a re-imagined, modern-day London fighting crime, forging friendships and causing havoc. With style. Perfectly tailored for fans of urban fantasy and Charlie’s Angels!

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