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Miss Ellerby and the Ferryman

Miss Ellerby and the Ferryman

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‘Tis best not to get yerself entangled wi’ the faerie realm, if ye can help it. Ye’ll not come back the same.’

It’s 1812, and Isabel Ellerby, of Ferndeane, has come of age. Which means: marriage, and soon, and her parents have the perfect husband picked out for her. If the prospect of wedded bliss to  a stranger should cause her heart to sink into her boots, what of it? She knows her duty.

But when the Faerie Rade sweeps into town, even the best-laid plans have a way of going awry. Terribly, splendidly awry. For when Isabel’s path crosses with that of the doomed Ferryman of Aylfenhame, duty may just go sailing straight out of the window.

There’s magic afoot, and plenty. The enigmatic Ferryman labours under an ancient curse, and it’s high time somebody broke it. As a hereditary witch — however unsuspected — could Isabel be the one to do it? It’ll take heart, wits and courage — resources she’s got in spades. 

Can a properly brought-up young lady throw caution to the winds, and follow her heart?

From the author of Faerie Fruit and Modern Magick, fantasy of manners meets Regency love story in this dreamy fairy tale.

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