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Ravensby Od

Ravensby Od

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From the author of Gloaming and Wyrde and Wayward comes a sparkling wonder tale about a gentle widow, an eccentric wizard, and a wardrobe of magical hats…

Meg Lavender has been alone since her husband died – well, mostly. There’s a trio of widows in Ravensby Od; you can find them every Wednesday at Foxley’s, absorbing syllabub, and tea.

It’s a quiet life in a quiet town; a sensible town, where tea is always at three o’clock sharp, and the trains arrive precisely when they’re supposed to.

But the past is an odd sort of place, and it won’t always stay where it’s meant to. Magic is coming back to Ravensby Od – and Meg Lavender’s in the thick of it. It begins with a strange bequest, sped on the wings of ravens…

“The world is full of strange things: it doesn’t do to object, when they get a little stranger.”

Bursting with Charlotte E. English’s unique charm, Ravensby Od is a wild, whimsical Wonder Tale to warm the heart and leave you smiling.

Contains: dauntless leading ladies; weird and wonderful wizards; magical dresses, and hats; an unkindness of ravens; labyrinths; unlikely friendships; and entirely too much syllabub.

Large helpings of wit and whimsy...” Publishers Weekly on Faerie Fruit

Her faultless prose… sparkles with eye-bedazzling wonder.NYT Bestselling author Mercedes Lackey on Gloaming

uch syllabub.
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