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Royalty and Ruin

Royalty and Ruin

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Somebody thought it would be a great idea to send us to the Troll Court.

Because somebody imagined I might be the perfect person to help with a certain wild and crazy plan of Their Majesties' concoction.

They want to restore the lost city of Farringale.

I can only say that I heartily approve.

There is the tiny problem of how, of course; but who better to dig up the truth than the Society’s most colourful agents?

Off questing we go, armed with a long list of questions, two winning smiles (well, three, if you count the Baron’s — and who wouldn’t?) and a certain Dappledok pup.

Only, history has a way of being... slippery.

The only way to find out what really happened at Farringale is to go back there, poke it with a stick, and see what falls out. And try not to die in the process.

It'll be fine. With my enchanted pipes in tow, a unicorn at my side and three trusty allies at my back, what could possibly go wrong?

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