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The Fate of Farringale

The Fate of Farringale

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The enigmatic Society returns in a riotously funny new adventure from the author of Wyrde and Wayward!

Things have been quiet at the Society lately. Too quiet. It couldn’t possibly last.

When a griffin appeared in the Yorkshire skies, it could only mean bad news. There’s only one place in Britain it could have come from and that’s the lost kingdom of Farringale.

It’s a dire warning, and there’s worse to come. Turns out we aren’t the only people with an interest in the age-old city of the trolls. Farringale lies under attack—and these people will stop at nothing to take control of its treasures.

It’s time for a showdown—the deathly serious kind. The outcome will determine the fate of Farringale, once and for all—and the fate of British magick, too.

The pressure’s on. It’s going to take everything we’ve got, and it still might not be enough.

But we’re not without our wiles. Turns out the secret weapon we’re looking for might actually be: me.


Ves, Jay and the Society face their biggest challenge yet in this dazzling conclusion to the series!

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