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The Heart of Hyndorin

The Heart of Hyndorin

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Stranded far from home, and unable to return, I am in bigger trouble than ever.

I know I say that a lot, but this time it's really true.

Not that there aren’t advantages to my particular predicament. If one must put up with a dangerous degree of magickal potency, one is duty-bound to… put it to use, no? Who knows what could happen?

Certainly nothing insane, irresponsible and potentially life-threatening. As if.

But we'll need every possible advantage in the Hyndorin Mountains. For there, hidden behind layers of secrets, could be the answers we are looking for.

Answers, questions, and dangers — and the kind of disobliging foe who just won’t stop coming back.

Aided by the serene Emellana (still enigmatic), the delicious Baron (still charming), and the animal-loving Miranda (still irascible), can Jay and I find the way to save modern magick?

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