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The Wonder Tales Omnibus

The Wonder Tales Omnibus

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Three enchanting fairytales from a writer of extraordinary imagination. Charlotte E. English’s Wonder Tales will sweep you far, far away...

Faerie Fruit: The centuries-barren orchards of Berrie-on-the-Wyn suddenly bear fruit and it’s clear that something fey’s afoot. Who is the motley piper walking the streets, drawing forth magic and mayhem with his music? And how can half of the town vanish into thin air?

Gloaming: In Vale Argantel, an enchanted twilight sweeps over the land at precisely four o’clock. Such is the way of things. But when Oriane falls through a magic mirror and disappears, something odder still is on the rise. For she’s gone to a place very like Argantel eerily familiar, yet strangely different; a place which follows none of the usual rules…

Sands and Starlight: An old sorcerer travels the starlight bazaars: cursed and magic-blighted, he has glass where his heart should be. To mend it, he must journey back into his own shadowed past to the lost and wandering palace of ensorcelled glass, glimpsed only under the stars, and vanishing with the dawn...

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