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Wyrde and Wayward Illustrated Hardback

Wyrde and Wayward Illustrated Hardback

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Pre-order the brand new, deluxe illustrated hardback edition of Wyrde and Wayward! Featuring internal illustrations, custom scene dividers, case design and dust jacket, and 80gsm paper. Shipping March 2024.

Miss Gussie Werth is the only ordinary lady in her family, without a single drop of magic to liven things up. Fortunately, she's just been abducted.

Miss Gussie Werth has grown up surrounded by the most supernatural family in England. Nell talks to the dead, Lord Werth is too often found in the churchyard at the dead of night... and the less said about Lord Bedgberry, the better.

Somehow, Gussie has been passed over by the family curse. She sups on chocolate, not blood; she's blissfully oblivious to spectres (except for Great-Aunt Honoria, of course); and she hasn't the smallest inclination to turn into a beast upon the full moon, and go ravening about the countryside. All things considered, her life has been unbearably placid and uninteresting.

Thankfully, Gussie has just been abducted by a neighbouring family every bit as strange as her own... and as deliciously spectacular disasters start to stack up, she begins to suspect that she may not be quite as normal as she thought. Far from being ordinary, Gussie may well prove to be the worst Werth of them all…

Meet the Regency-era Addams Family—full of spectres, gorgons, and polite, ravening monsters—in this fresh, absurd gothic fantasy by the author of Modern Magick and the Malykant Mysteries. "Strange and utterly delightful" (Olivia Atwater), Wyrde and Wayward's notorious House of Werth will sink its teeth into you and leave you wanting more.

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