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Wyrde and Wondrous

Wyrde and Wondrous

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Welcome to the Grand Masquerade Ball for the Wyrde…and Wondrous!

It’s time to party like it’s 1820, and you know what that means. Rout cakes and punch, satins and silks, and flirting on the balcony under a star-washed sky. Decorous. Genteel. Lovely.

Nobody knows who’s throwing this bash, but who cares? It’s the party of the century, and everyone who’s anyone is going to be there.

Including, astonishingly, the Werths. Famous recluses they may be, but who can resist a mystery and a waltz?

Not that everyone’s on their best behaviour. There’s a jewel thief in the wings with an eye for diamonds, and somebody’s been mad enough to turn Gussie loose, to boot.  

It’s going to be a party to die for. Hopefully not literally, but with the Werths, you never know…

The weird and wonderful Werths are back and letting their hair down in style! WARNING, this adventure contains: cotillions and cravats (complicated); jewels and jokes (scintillating); and the undead and the unwed (misbehaving, as usual). Fetch your dance card and your shoe-roses and join the fray…

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